Beets for altitude

I finally got my beets powder for the upcoming hiking trip! My plan is to get a “serving” (see the BeetElite box) every day for the 2 weeks preceding the trip.

So, what does beets have to do with hiking you say? Well, I’m hiking in altitude (Mt Massive 14,421ft elevation) and Nitrates are a powerful vasodilator which will help shuttle more oxygen throughout the body. There’s more to it though: supplementing with Nitrate is helping in generate energy while using less oxygen. How much? Well somewhere around 19% according to this article from the US National Library of Medicine (NML): Dietary Nitrate Supplementation and Exercise Performance

In this article from the same publication:

“Beet-ing” the Mountain: A Review of the Physiological and Performance Effects of Dietary Nitrate Supplementation at Simulated and Terrestrial Altitude

It says that “NO3 supplementation is emerging as a promising nutritional aid, with potentially beneficial applications for the wide variety of individuals ascending to altitude each year.”

It does have its limitations. In this other article from Scientific American:

Beet Juice Could Help Body Beat Altitude

The researcher concludes by saying “If I had a bottle of beets around I would take it for sure. But that won’t bring you to Mount Everest just by drinking beetroot.”

So, it’s not all Voodoo mumbo jumbo, it’s an actual biohacking trick!

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